Wendy Milette


Wendy Milette is an accomplished and versatile filmmaker with credits spanning all aspects of production including Writing, Directing, Producing, Editing and Sound Design.

Her recent accomplishments include directing the MY HERO International Short Film Festival. Wendy's work with the MY HERO Project includes developing and teaching filmmaking workshops for iEARN. an International Education conference held in Senegal, Africa, 2005.

After raising two children and traveling throughout the world Wendy embarked on the adventure of film school at the top program in the world, the University of Southern California. In 1999 Wendy received her Bachelors degree, Magna Cum Laude, in Critical Studies from the USC School of Cinema-Television. In 2004 Wendy received her MFA degree in Production from USC.

At USC Wendy studied directing with Nina Foch, Lisa Gotlieb and Jeremy Kagan. Her studies with David Howard served as guidance for her writing, while Bruce Block influenced her sense of visual design. Wendy served as a TA for the head of the editing department, Jim Mitchell and then she became the head TA of production with Pablo Frasconi. Brenda Goodman served as her Thesis film mentor. After graduation Brenda Goodman Productions went on to hire Wendy for film research.

Wendy's 16 mm film Liliana, was screened at the Big Bear International Film Festival in 2001, and her thesis film, Breakwater, played at the New York Short Film Festival in 2003. The effects sequence in Breakwater was shot on the Green Screen stage at the Robert Zemekis center of Digital Arts, and the film was scored on the Steven Speilberg Scoring stage.

Wendy worked collaboratively with many of her USC colleagues. It is at USC that she found her filmmaking partners, Tania Trepanier and Norm Anderson. They worked on many films together at USC including West Hollywood Story , a musical that was written by Norm and Tania and Directed and Produced by Tania and Wendy.

Tania Trepanier was tragically hit by a bus and killed just after graduating from USC. Norm Anderson and Wendy Milette have formed the production company Kuvina Pictures, in which they are carrying out the visions that they all shared together. The word Kuvina means to dance in Chichewa, the language of Malawi, Africa. This is in honor of Tania whose spirit is still dancing through the work of Kuvina Pictures . The feature film, Of Chameleons and Gods , is a story that was first conceived by Tania, based on her real life growing up in Malawi.

Wendy Milette is a skilled and creative producer. Her commitment is to bring meaningful stories to the screen that inspire and encourage others to make a difference with their lives and go for their dreams, Carpe Diem !